Retirement Planning

retirement Retirement Planning Retirement is the final stage of our financial life cycle and it is the time we would all hope to be financially  stable to enjoy the years we have strived so hard for. Australia’s complex tax and social security system while  intended to provide social and economic stability can often produce an array of circumstances for  unprepared retirees. At Del Castillo Investments Corp Pty Ltd we offer a full service planning process that will  allow you to understand your options maximising tax efficiency and Centrelink benefits.

There is no substitute for a well-structured long-term wealth accumulation and management program to provide a comfortable and adequate income in retirement.

How much money you will need for your retirement will depend on the income you want to live on and the number of years that you will be relying on your own funds. The better the lifestyle you want to lead and the earlier you plan to retire, the more money you will have to save and the longer your money will need to last.

Retirement planning need not be a hassle. At Del Castillo Investments Corp Pty Ltd we can help you;

  • learn how to maximise your superannuation benefits
  • take advantage of taxation concessions available for retirees
  • determine the products and investments that best suit your retirement income needs
  • maximise your Centrelink entitlements and determine eligibility for Government pensions
  • establish retirement income streams and offer specific advice on annuities, account based pensions and many other retirement products to ensure adequate cash flow.

Effective retirement planning also helps you take advantage of taxation benefits geared to soon-to-be retirees, such as:

  • tax rebates
  • tax free income and tax exempt earnings while funds are held in certain retirement income products.

retirement1big Retirement Planning Making the right choice about retirement planning is crucial. We will work with you to  build a plan that considers factors such as your desired retirement age, your life  expectancy, the lifestyle you want to lead in retirement and external factors such as  inflation.

 Some of the rules can be complex and you should consider getting professional financial  advice from a financial planner to ensure that the strategies implemented are right for  you.


To find out more about retirement planning, and to ensure that you have enough for retirement and earn a stable and reliable income during your transition to retirement, make an appointment with Del Castillo Investments Corp Pty Ltd today by contacting us