About us

handshake1 About usDel Castillo Investments Corp Pty Ltd was born from an idealistic vision to disseminate the skill and  exclusivity of investing to the broad spectrum of society. The skill of investing is essential and is a life-long  lesson, that when embraced, can offer unparalleled results and offer alternatives to an otherwise one-  dimensional vocation.

Until now, it was not since the great depression of the 1930′s had there been a more pressing need to re-educate the world on the fundamentals of global economics. Each generation can almost be typified by a single traumatic economic event that has shaped the way our ancestors have had to live their lives. Unfortunately, we cannot sit idly by and expect that what happens in the world of finance has no bearing in our lives. The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) has stressed this fact and brings to the forefront the importance of knowledge and timing in the market.

In a gloat market it is easy to fall complacent and rely on exaggerated market forces to provide returns. Even the most novice of investors can make shine of a rising market, however, it is not until there is a dislocation of favourable elements when careful planning, consideration of asset class characteristics, and risk analysis start to play a pivotal role. The very notion of investing is to ‘achieve something’, a talent best practiced and replicated to attain a superior result. Just as sportsmen and professional athletes tweak their game play and monitor changes, an investor needs to define his/her goals, establish his/her risk appetite and build a plan for success.

 Whether it’s buying a house, investing shares, gaining exposure to money marketestate11 About uss, planning for retirement or  simply working out a savings plan for your child’s education, we work with you to qualify your options and  measure an approach to reach your goals. Financial Planning has evolved over the years from ad hoc  methods to an organised practice founded on stringent compliance with ongoing regulatory reforms to  safeguard and prioritise investors’ interest. Financial Planning now plays a pivotal role in all aspects of an individual’s financial well-being including but not limited to; wealth creation, superannuation, taxation planning, estate planning, wealth protection and retirement planning. Financial Planning should be an exercise indiscriminate of age, background or social status. The earlier you begin the process, the greater the potential benefit and likelihood of achieving your dreams.

handkey About us At Del Castillo Investments Corp Pty Ltd we found our success on our ability to listen, empathise, and  interact with our clients to tailor a professional package for each and every individual that walks through our  door. We do not transact with our clients, rather, we forge an ongoing relationship to ensure you stay on  track with your plans, and that you maintain the level of energy and vigour to see them through. Our  company counts our accolades not by margins or figures but by how many clients reach their level of  financial liberty and freedom.

From the savvy investor to the aspiring novice, Del Castillo Investments Corp has the right product/s to suit your investment needs. Make the greatest investment in your future now,

plan to succeed and expect the unexpected.