Personal Insurance

happyfamily Personal Insurance Personal insurances fill the gap between current net assets and assets required to live out the rest of your  desired lifestyle in the event of an unforeseen incident preventing you from returning to employment. The  amount needed to insure that gap depends on a person’s goals and their personal circumstances (i.e. partner,  children, dependants and liabilities or debts). No one situation will be exactly the same and therefore there is  no ‘one size fits all’ solution. At Del Castillo Investments Corp Pty Ltd, we assist you make informed and  measured decisions of the amounts of personal insurance you need to secure your future and your family.

There are five personal insurance groups that may be applicable to your circumstances;

  • Term life (provides lump sum in event of death)
  • Total and Permanent Disablement (provides lump sum in event of total disability)
  • Trauma / Critical Illness (provides lump sum in event of specified medical condition)
  • Income Protection (provides ongoing income to replace salary in event of temporary or permanent disability)
  • Business Expenses (provides up to 1 year  cover for ongoing business overheads in event of temporary disability of business owner or a key person).

As your financial planner we strive to strike a balance between what you spend on your insurance premiums and what you can achieve to increase your net assets through effective investment planning.

We will explore the possibility of placing these insurances within superannuation and find the right insurance policy for you by vigorously comparing the multitude of policies on offer from the major insurance companies through the use of independent actuarial evaluation in specialised software.

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