Introduction to Your Adviser

delcastillo MEET YOUR FINANCIAL PLANNERMichael began his enthusiastic career in finance working in one of Australia’s largest  companies and retail bank. As a Customer Service Specialist he fast caught on to the  significance of placing a client at the forefront of everything that he did. This adamant  focus on customer service saw him through his time in the bank as a constant top quartile  performer in his area group and an integral member of the no.1 Tier 1 branch in  Queensland/ Northern Territory for 2008.

 Michael’s individual results spoke for themselves and were constantly above grade  averaging close to one 120% year after year. His time in the bank was the start of a defining career and lead the way for him to enter the world of financial planning. Having studied Diploma of Financial Planning over 2 years while working full time at the bank, he honed his skills when he was appointed lead for funds under management (FUM) within the branch. This position required him to coordinate the focus between all team members to ensure that clients were made aware of their options regarding financial planning. Working closely with the financial planner, Michael was able to witness firsthand the profound effect he and his team had on people’s lives.

Finding purpose in his cause, Michael set his sights on a career as a financial planner and soon found his way into the private business sector. He began work as a Para-planner for a well established Brisbane based Financial Planning/Accountancy practice and worked closely behind his director managing approximately one hundred million under management. Here he was able to put theory into practice and was soon writing strategies for clients of all backgrounds, from individual investors to companies and self managed super funds (SMSFs). This company was later assumed by a larger firm as part of an aggressive growth strategy and Michael was incorporated into head office where he then found himself working with a team managing over a quarter billion.

Backed with extensive experience and a far-sighted business mentality Michael made a decisive move to embark on his own journey where he could have maximum impact on his clientele. With an insatiable appetite to improve the way he conducts his service and please his clients Michael saw no better way than to stamp his own name on his work. Through raw passion for his field and determination Del Castillo Investments Corp Pty Ltd was established as a prominent North-Brisbane based Financial Planning practice with Michael at the helm as proud Director and Financial Planner. Through his work he continues to make meaningful and transformational changes to lives of ordinary, everyday Australians and their families.