Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does a financial adviser do?

A financial planner looks at all facets of your finances to ensure that they are aligned with your goals. They aim to maximise your income and assets while reducing unnecessary tax and non-deductible debts. Financial advisers take a holistic approach to finance maintaining a balance of creating wealth, protecting wealth and ensuring that wealth is distributed as prescribed by your intentions after death.

2. How much does it cost to see a financial planner?

Financial planning is a not a ‘one product fits all’ process, each client has a unique set of circumstances and therefore different needs. On that basis, the cost of seeing a financial planner is really dependent upon the strategy, level of monitoring required and subsequent work needed when your circumstances change. The needs of a 25 year old professional maybe vastly different compared to a prospective retiree with a comprehensive investment portfolio in place. The potential benefit should always significantly outweigh the cost in seeing a financial planner. Del Castillo Investments Corp Pty Ltd will always clearly outline the cost involved prior to engaging in any work and will specifically outline the cost involved in implementing a plan or strategy in the Statement of Advice that we give to our clients.

3. Do I need to have a lot of money to see a financial adviser?

This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about financial planning. Financial planning is a life-long practice that can provide benefits in every stage of a person’s financial life cycle. In fact, the earlier one starts out in financial planning the better positioned they can be to maximise their earnings, save on tax and build on an investment portfolio no matter how small the start.

4. We are struggling to make ends meet, how could we possibly afford to invest?

Financial planning looks at all ways to increase wealth whether it is, saving money, investing or saving on tax. You may already have investments in place through your superannuation account, this is a concessionally taxed environment and compromises of real funds that you or your employer have contributed towards your retirement. Investments in superannuation should not be neglected and should in fact be reviewed from time to time just like any other investment. Furthermore, there are numerous ways we can try and save on tax and reduce your non-deductible debts, putting more money in your pockets.

5. I have heard so many negatives about finance and the stock market, is it safe to invest?

Economies are cyclical in nature and are driven by demand and supply. Predicting what the market is going to do tomorrow is a skill not even the most astute and reputable financial experts can guarantee. However, financial planning is not focused on short term rather the mid-long term outcomes of the markets, a good financial planner will strategies so that you are adequately diversified across assets and markets so that all your eggs are not in one basket. Financial planning is about defining an individual’s goals, planning a strategy in line with a client’s risk appetite and regularly reviewing the plan to allow for changes with respect to market trends.

6. I’m nearing my retirement, is there any benefit in seeing a financial planner at this stage?

Certainly, financial planning can have a massive impact on the lifestyle you lead in your retirement years. Now that you have build up your nest egg for your retirement years, the last thing you need is to be paying unnecessary tax on income that you draw from superannuation or missing out on any Government benefits that you may be entitled too. Australia has a very complex social welfare and taxation system, financial planners can help you with the array of options you face when you encroach retirement. Don’t play a guessing game with the funds you’ve worked so hard to accumulate, make clear and informed decisions.

7. I’m time poor, is financial planning a time consuming process?

Financial planning plays a crucial role in society, financial stability in one’s life has a flow on affect and allows an individual to focus on other things in life. Just like when you see a doctor, exercise on a regular basis and maintain a proper diet, good financial habits lead to greater chance of maintaining a work-life balance. Financial planning doesn’t need to be a tedious task, simply a conscious effort to better your position. We encourage you to do what you do best, whilst we focus on the financial aspects of your life. At Del Castillo Investments Corp Pty Ltd, we forge an ongoing relationship with you and ensure that we see through the strategy we agreed upon.

8. It’s not easy sharing private information, especially with regards to financial matters. How can you ensure that my information is kept confidential.

We understand the importance of treating your sensitive information with utmost care and due diligence. We collect and retain personal information to get a clear understanding of your circumstances so that we can make informed decisions when structuring your plan or strategy. We only disclose your information to third parties in the most stringent of circumstances. Where necessary we may disclose your information to industry bodies, contractors or third parties service providers that provide financial, administrative or other services for the purposes of managing your investments and where the law requires us to do so or where you give consent. Our full privacy policy can be viewed on our website or by contacting our office.

9. Shouldn’t I see my bank or financial institution to get my financial planning advice?

Yes, you can see your bank or financial institution for financial planning advice, but they are not your only option. Sometimes these larger institutions are intrinsically linked to their own subsidiary fund managers and are compelled to use only them. At Del Castillo Investments Corp Pty Ltd are only bound by our approved product list as complied by our dealership group Synchronised Business┬áServices who regularly update and ensure we are only using the best investment options at any given time. We are not constrained or limited to any one particular fund manager and therefore are able to discern the best option for you. Unlike banks and multinational investment firms who have varied interest and are often over stretched for resources, we are able to dedicate our time and service to you as a ‘financial planning’ client and only that.