Estate Planning

3691 Estate Planning Ever considered who the recipients of your estate will be when you are gone? Don’t leave it to chance, make  sure it is your intended family and loved ones that benefit from your legacy.

womancontent1 Estate Planning Estate planning considers how your affairs are managed if you become incapacitated and how your assets are  to be distributed upon your passing. We realise losing a loved one is always difficult on those remaining.  While it is hard to please everyone, particularly family when it comes to distributing your assets, forward    planning can minimise the likelihood of claims being made against your estate.

estateplanning Estate Planning Estate planning not only ensures your wealth is managed and transferred according to your wishes, but also  in the most tax effective way. The result of an effective estate plan will be to reduce the family’s tax burden  thereby maximising their benefits.

At Del Castillo Investments Corp Pty Ltd, we carefully assess your individual circumstances taking into account your wishes and set about planning the management and preservation of your estate long after you are gone. Contact us today to arrange for appointment and to safeguard your family’s future.